Throughout all our offices at Your Part-Time Controller, we hire only skilled professionals with passion for and experience with the nonprofit sector. Many of our staff of more than 140 have CPA credentials, MBAs and advanced finance degrees.  All of them are experts in nonprofit accounting who have gravitated to us because they want to help their clients build a better world, one accounting department at a time. We strongly believe that an organization is only as good as its employees.

We also recognize that staff have lives and families outside of work. We don’t make our employees turn their lives over to the company, but rather encourage them to have a healthy balance between home and work.

We're proud to have been recognized nine times by the Philadelphia Business Journal  and the Washington Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work. We're actively hiring new staff Associates for our Philadelphia, Washington and New York offices.

If you’re a hard-working accounting professional who enjoys the diversity of different client experiences and the knowledge that you’re making a difference, please see our Job Opportunites page.

Meanwhile, meet some of our YPTC family below who are sharing their stories. See why they enjoy our work environment so much!


"You're hiring all of us...."

“I first learned of Your Part-Time Controller when I heard one of their radio commercials. I had always worked in the for-profit world, but there was something about YPTC that intrigued me. I loved the way they approached their clients, worked on-site with them, and added a service component by helping the nonprofit sector. Advancing a mission instead of a company’s bottom line intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more about it.

“The company where I was working at the time was acquired, and I was facing a job relocation out of state. So the timing was right to take a closer look. My wife and I spent hours looking at YPTC’s website and reading all of the testimonials from the staff. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. But the more I researched, I couldn’t find a bad thing written anywhere about YPTC.

“It has worked out phenomenally. As a CPA, I had often thought about starting my own firm, but now I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I have my one-on-ones with my clients, but I also have the resources of everyone at YPTC behind me. When the entire staff is together for meetings, you realize our true size, and the power we have in numbers. We like to tell our new clients that you’re not hiring one of us – you’re hiring all of us.

“YPTC is an amazing success story and I’m so glad I joined this fantastic organization.”

-- William A. Schwab, CPA, MBA


"There's a lot to love...."

“I was in San Diego when my husband got a job with the feds and so we moved to the Washington, D.C. area. My job there wasn’t terribly interesting, so when I came out here I looked for something where I would have the chance to learn new things. Most of my work had been with for-profits and I wanted to get some nonprofit experience. I was really excited when I found this job: it seemed like a great opportunity and it was unlikely that I would ever get bored. I was thrilled that there was even an opportunity like this. It hadn’t occurred to me that there would be somebody who was outsourcing accounting to nonprofits.

“There’s a lot to love. The variety is a big part of it but getting to see how different people choose to solve problems is really rewarding and an interesting part of the job. My clients are a mix of regional, national and even international nonprofits, and everyone does things a little bit differently.

“In accounting, you don’t always feel like you’re adding value but here you can see where you really make a difference for a small organization.

“The people who I work with are smart, unique and committed. At most jobs there are always a few people who are just dialing it in but I don’t see that here. Everybody at YPTC is trying to do their job well, and they’re always willing to help. If you have a question people will step up with their opinion or their expertise or offer to help you out crunching numbers if they have a free day. This isn’t something that you find everywhere.

“There aren’t a lot of places where everyone is treated as valuable. I’m especially amazed at staff meetings where Eric and Jen know everybody’s name. That’s impressive and a really neat thing. And the investment in the education of the staff is one of my favorite things about YPTC.

“I’m really happy here. I’m glad that they picked me!”

– Lara Meyer


"They practice what they preach...."

“I’m a CPA and had worked in various corporate jobs where they said I would have a good work-life balance, but it never worked out that way. I had kids and worked from home for awhile, and wanted to get back into the workforce but didn’t want a job that I would be married to. After reading the staff testimonials it sounded like YPTC really did offer a good work-life balance, and I’ve found that they practice what they preach.

“I can balance my own schedule to what I can realistically do in a day. They don’t push other clients on you if you can’t handle the workload. If I get busy there are other associates on the bench and they bring someone in to help. Some days you might get to go home a little early, other days you might work a little late, but it all balances out for my 35-hour week. I’m seeing five clients, some only once a month and others more regularly, but for me that’s a good balance.

“They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They really match you with your clients and your location and make things as comfortable for you as they can. The interview process is extensive: it’s not a one-and-done. They want you to be comfortable with the company and they want to be comfortable with you.

“I didn’t have a nonprofit background but that was okay: they spent time training me on it. In most places if you don’t have the experience you won’t get a foot in the door. At YPTC they want you to learn new things.

“Even the annual staff evaluations are positive experiences. You don’t come out of there in tears: I actually look forward to them. It’s a great management team, too. Everyone is very approachable and you don’t feel intimidated by any of them. The managers aren’t judgmental. They’re there to help you with what you need.”

– Michelle Thomas, CPA


"The best of both worlds...."

“After moving back to New Jersey, I found myself looking for employment that offered something different, exciting, and more challenging. Over the years, I felt that many of my previous positions had become routine and mundane, and I wanted a role that offered constant challenges and learning opportunities; I found that at YPTC. The challenges here have been constant, with changing demands and priorities and a diverse range of clients, so I am never bored.

“YPTC offers the best of both worlds. Like an independent contractor, I am free to make my own schedule while enjoying the support and benefits of being part of a world-class organization. With the support of a strong management team and a growing client base, I stay busy and engaged, and with the many training opportunities offered by YPTC, my skills stay current and relevant.

“YPTC is truly one of the best places to work!”

-- Jane Aldea


"I read those testimonials many, many times...."

“My background is in the for-profit industry, working as an accounting manager and controller for Fortune 1000 companies. What intrigued me about taking a position at Your Part-Time Controller was looking at the website for several years and reading the employees’ testimonials about why they enjoy working there. I read those testimonials many, many times. At first I was cautious but when I saw so many of them I realized these statements couldn’t be staged.

“So I decided to pull the trigger and work for nonprofits, and it’s been nothing but rewarding. I am adding real value to my clients’ operations and they appreciate that. The satisfaction that you get, knowing that you are making a difference, is a terrific source of motivation. Just recently I had an Executive Director stop me in the hallway and let me know how much she values my time.

“As a consultant, you realize that your time with a specific client is scarce, therefore, you are determined to be efficient in working hard and getting results with almost 100% productivity rate. That’s another factor that I really do enjoy.

“YPTC hires only professionals. Senior management offers great training. Combine all this with the great expertise that associates bring to the table to begin with, and that's the secret to happy clients.”

-- Maziar Zavareh


"It's expanded my horizons...."

“After 35 years of working in the nonprofit sector, I was trying to figure out whether I would retire. I took some time off and realized I had too much energy and drive not to try something new. And that brought me to Your Part-Time Controller.

“I like being in the nonprofit community and that was one of the things that appealed to me about YPTC: it enables me to work with people who are very committed to what they’re doing - these are people who have a real mission.

“If you’re looking to grow your skill set, this is a really good place to do it. Our clients represent a broad range of organizations with many different types of income streams and operational issues. You get to see all of that in a short period of time.

“It’s not only the variety of experiences but also how fresh that makes your work on a day-to-day basis. I like being able to go to a different client every day. I like the flexibility in scheduling and the broad range of responsibilities. And the job takes me to places in the city I’ve never been to before. It’s expanded my horizons in a number of ways.”

– Curt Sharp


"They let you have a personal life...."

“While I was in college, I worked for a woman who had her own successful business and a family. The way she was able to balance her work and home life was wonderful and I thought that this was exactly what I wanted to be able to do.

“When I graduated, I worked in auditing for 6-1/2 years, then did private accounting for a law firm, then worked as an assistant controller for an accounting firm, but it was always the same situation. I was working 60-hour weeks with constant demands on my time and no way to have any balance with my home life. I knew I had to pay my dues and that working hard and being successful comes with a price but everything in my life was work. When I got married and had a daughter, and went back to 16-hour days, my husband and I decided that I needed to find something part-time.

“Everyone told me that part-time accounting jobs in New York City didn’t exist. Luckily, I stumbled onto the YPTC website and after several interviews I was hired part-time in September 2013. It was like a whole new world. The frustration wasn’t there. I now had the balance of being able to spend time with my family and to be successful at my job. I had never thought that it would be possible to be good at home and good at work: I had always thought that to be successful in one you had to block out the other.

“After I had my son I came back from maternity leave and it wasn’t a disaster like it had been after I had my daughter. It was just like a regular day. With the support I was getting from YPTC staff and from my clients I knew I could do it all and I could do it well. The staff support at YPTC was like nothing I had ever seen.  They love you and let you grow on your own and be successful. They let you have a personal life and I think that’s especially important for women in New York who are told that this isn’t possible.

“Every day I make sure my boss stays happy, my clients stay happy and my family stays happy. We can work it out the way it needs to be worked out.”

– Michele Tobiassen


"People are just plain happy here...."

“Before joining the YPTC team, I had spent the previous 20 years in for-profit private industry. While this was good experience, I felt that something was missing. I believe that small business is the backbone of the economy and running a profitable one is a noble venture but I found that too often a company’s stated values in their mission statement were not consistent with their practices.

“That is what led me to YPTC. They appeared to truly believe in their mission of helping nonprofits achieve their goals while taking a sincere interest in their employees. And now, after being on staff for over 2 years, that appearance has become reality. YPTC is the best company where I have ever worked. To put it simply, people are just plain happy here. It honestly took a little time to get used to at first. When I run into other associates or managers they are always in such a good mood. It’s been such a refreshing pleasure to work with other YPTC associates, staff and the managers as well as Eric and Jen who lead by example.

“One of the things that surprised me after coming on board was how challenging the client work is. This was something else that I was looking for and YPTC provided me with a new learning opportunity that continues today. Our clients are genuinely grateful for our services. I actually attended a Board meeting recently for one of my clients where the entire Board gave me a round of applause for the work that I had done. I have attended many Board meetings over the years and I can tell you this was a first. The client work available at YPTC allows me to be able to give back to the community in a way that I was not able to before while offering the challenge that I need for my career.”

– Robert Drennen


“There is no feeling of internal competition....”

"After 30 years in accounting and financial management, all in the for-profit arena in mostly larger, international corporations, I found myself for the first time in my career “in-search”. One thing that I knew was that I wanted a major change in terms of culture and working environment. Along the way I became very interested in the not-for-profit sector, as the experience I had in volunteer capacities serving on a couple of boards for organizations that I believed in had provided a great deal of personal as well as professional satisfaction. YPTC had not been at all on my search radar, as I was focused exclusively on nonprofit agencies.

"I heard of YPTC through a networking connection and was very intrigued by the business model. Perhaps even more appealing was the description of the company culture, and the level of professionalism and expertise it seemed to have. I had gone through the interview process and two things became very clear. First, Eric, Jen and the team take great care in selecting associates who are the right fit for the organization – in terms of skills as well as personal characteristics. Second, that there was nothing more important than the staff. Not profits, not even clients. This is a rare thing in this day and age.

"After a year now at YPTC, I can emphatically say that this was not a sales pitch. YPTC is special, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. I feel that I am very supported by everyone – not just by management but by all of my colleagues. There is no feeling of internal competition. The training, resources and problem solving capabilities within our own internal network is fantastic. If issues at a client materialize, YPTC has your back. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed and will help you do it. "I love the culture at YPTC, love my clients and I’m very happy with how my “career change” has turned out."

-- Tom Colicchio


"My clients treat me as if I'm one of their own...."

"I started my career in San Diego, Calif., working as an accountant and then a controller for a fairly large, nonprofit, social service organization. Even though I worked on accounting and administrative tasks and not program, I felt like I was part of their bigger mission. I moved back to New Jersey in the summer of 2014, and it was then that I saw the job posting for Your Part-Time Controller. The work sounded interesting and exactly like what I was doing in California but only for multiple nonprofit organizations with the benefits of a for-profit. I applied and got the job, and I started with YPTC in October 2014.

"After only a short time of working at YPTC, I knew I was never, ever leaving! My clients treat me as if I’m one of their own staff members, and I know that I am helping them greatly with the work I’m doing, and I’m therefore a part of their bigger mission! It’s a wonderful feeling!"

-- Brittany Asay

YPTC-JimLittle.jpg"They treat you like an adult...."

“I came to Your Part-Time Controller after many years in manufacturing, municipal government and nonprofit finance. My last position had been made redundant. When Mitzi Sacks, YPTC's Talent Recruiter, contacted me in September, 2013 I thought I might give this a shot. Four interviews later, I’m glad she found me.

“Two things came up in our interviews that I really liked. The first was that if there’s a personality clash between the associate and the client, YPTC stands behind the associate. I was really impressed with that. And second, I liked that we don’t have to get the CEO of the client to sign off on our time sheets. ‘We’re professionals,’ I was told.

“They treat you like an adult. I haven’t always seen that at other employers. Many companies say that they put their people first but that’s not always true. They really walk the talk here. It makes you want to take that extra step.

“The variety of my clients is amazing. It’s interesting to learn about their work. I grew up in the corporate family with a narrow view of things. Learning what other people do is opening my eyes. It keeps my brain going.

“People ask me what I do. I tell them that I’m having fun. I like what I’m doing. They’re very generous to me and I feel very lucky.”

-- Jim Little


"You feel like you're paying it forward...."

“It’s not that often that you can find flexibility in the accounting world and still make a decent wage. I work part-time and I like the ‘mini-travel’, going out to see different clients. Every day is different: different places, different people, and different aspects of the nonprofit experience. I had worked for a nonprofit before so this world is not totally foreign to me. My clients are all different and it’s interesting to see how the nonprofit sector has evolved.

“Even though as staff we don’t see each other on a regular basis, you still feel like you’re part of a family here. Here, everyone is available to help and support you. Lots of places have layers of bureaucracy and you can’t reach the people at the top. Here, even Eric Fraint is reachable.

“I like the idea that there are opportunities to give back. We are encouraged to talk about the nonprofits we support. Everyone on staff is highly engaged. You feel like you’re paying it forward, not only in your work but in your own life as well.

“And the fact that we’re hiring so many new people is very encouraging for someone like me returning to the accounting field.”

– Tamika Garrett


"If you need help, just reach out...."

“The support is great: everyone is very helpful and there’s no competition. I like the fact that all new employees are assigned a mentor, who is someone you can bounce ideas off and get answers. And if your mentor doesn’t know, you can send an e-mail blast to everyone and get immediate response.

“We have a great intranet. It’s a nice feature and a great culture. It’s like you’re left on an island but with constant support. If you need help, just reach out.

“One thing I’d always wanted to do when I was ready to wind down my career was to get into nonprofits. YPTC is allowing me to do that while I’m still advancing in my career.

“The variety is great. I learn something new every day. The work is more rewarding when you’re helping people out.”

– Jim McCormick

YPTC-GreggIndictor.jpg"I could do what I enjoy doing best...."

“After spending a lot of time in public accounting and after 15 tax seasons I decided I didn’t want to do taxes ever again. So I left to become the CFO for one of my clients, but I missed working in client services. I saw Your Part-Time Controller’s website and realized that there would be no tax seasons. I could do what I enjoy doing best without having to do what I don’t enjoy doing. This seems like the perfect job.

“I like the variety of seeing different clients working in different fields on a daily basis. There are new challenges every day and that keeps the work exciting.”

-- Gregg Indictor



"They asked me what I wanted...."

“I did a lot of things in reverse. I had years of bookkeeping experience, but no college degree. I finally decided to get my degree and put all of my experience to better use. I earned a scholarship to West Chester University and I completed a BS in Professional Studies. After graduation I updated my resume on a job search website. That is where I saw Your Part-Time Controller’s ad for Bookkeeper Technicians.

“From my very first contact I knew Your Part-Time Controller was different. During my interviews, they asked me what I wanted instead of telling me what they were looking for. I remember my first day – it was 8/9/10. How convenient is that?

“My clients are located in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which is great because I like to travel. There’s also a lot of flexibility in the hours I work, and since I am at several different clients I avoid a lot of the usual office politics. I love that my work plays an important role in assisting my clients to fulfill their missions.

“Your Part-Time Controller has awesome support. We receive training on relevant topics throughout the year and there is a large pool of knowledge among my co-workers. There is a real sense of team here. I love working at Your Part-Time Controller!”

-- Judy Eisler

YPTC-Mary Mackey.jpg

"A team that you want to be a part of...."

“I like the fact that you’re appreciated, both within YPTC and at your clients, and that this appreciation is vocalized significantly at both ends. You don’t get that in public accounting. Everyone on the staff welcomes you and you get great support from many talented people. You don’t feel like you’re alone when you’re at a client.

“YPTC is like a second home. It’s a team that you want to be a part of. They help you to expand your career in any direction you want to go.

“I came to YPTC after 13 years in public accounting. My clients were mostly for-profits. For me, not having a tax season now is huge. Also, I had decided that I wanted to switch into the nonprofit world to give something back to the community. My husband is a K-9 police officer who volunteers and gives back, but with raising our four daughters my time for community work was limited. It’s rewarding for me to help those in the nonprofit world to learn more about accounting and to see them succeed in their missions. My husband is living his dream job and now I am, too!”

– Mary Mackey

YPTC-ClareSciulli.jpg“I know that I'm appreciated....
“Joining YPTC was the best decision I have ever made, and I knew it on my first day. I haven’t looked back since I started.

“Learning is very important to me, and I like the fact that the staff is always learning. I’ve learned so much about different types of nonprofits and their needs. The company provides countless opportunities for staff training. The mentoring program here is awesome – switching from working for one company to serving several clients simultaneously is a difficult transition but they provide plenty of guidance to make the transition much easier. I could be sent to any kind of nonprofit and I feel confident that I would know what to do. I have a master’s degree in education and I am thrilled that I get to use my teaching skills to educate my clients about their organizations, and I also have the opportunity to mentor new associates.

“I actually feel like I’m doing something for my clients that’s not only valuable to them but also valuable to me. I can see progress – every day, at the end of the day, I can see that I’ve accomplished something.

“But the biggest thing for me is the knowledge that I’m appreciated. I used to go to work and know I was doing a good job, but felt my hard work wasn’t recognized . Now I know that I’m appreciated, both by the company and by the clients. You know that you’re a part of both the YPTC team and the client’s team, and both let you know how much they appreciate you and your hard work.”
-- Clare Sciulli


"I like the 'part-timeness' of the job...."

“Except for Eric Fraint, I am the YPTC employee with the most longevity – I started in 1998 and my employee ID number is 2. When my kids were growing up and still living at home, the flexibility that YPTC offered was a plus. Even after all these years, I like the ‘part-timeness’ of the job. Although some weeks turn out to be full-time, it’s worked out very well for me.

“Before coming to work for YPTC, I worked for a CPA firm whose clients were mostly service professionals. We did pro bono work for a few nonprofit organizations and I found those jobs were the ones I liked most. I mentioned that to Eric almost fifteen years ago, and that’s how I began my work with YPTC.

“I’ve learned so much from this job – and not just accounting. It’s been an education in people skills, in community awareness, and in technology.”

-- Jane Lindemann


"The clients we work with are awesome...."
“I’m the first YPTC transplant: I moved from the Washington office to the New York office. I was living in D.C. and was looking for a job. I was interviewing for the position that YPTC’s Washington manager, Hatsy Cutshall, had just left. As I was going through the interview process I realized that it wasn’t going to be a good fit. I asked Hatsy if she knew of any other openings anywhere and she said, ‘As a matter of fact, Your Part-Time Controller is hiring!’

“Several months later, we were at a staff meeting discussing how YPTC was getting more work in New York and needed associates to work there. I offered to go: I thought, ‘Why not? New York City ought to be fun!’ I spent several months commuting from D.C. on Amtrak, and finally made the move to New York a few months later. The commute was exhausting, but it’s a lot easier now.

“It’s been a heck of a year. It’s exciting and I’m very busy. I get bored easily so I constantly like having new challenges to get through. Every new client is a challenge so I never get bored. The clients we work with are awesome! They’re all interesting people doing meaningful things, which gives my work meaning. Our clients know their accounting systems need repair and they not only let us come in to do our jobs, they also tell us how glad they are that we’re fixing things and they’re never defensive about it. Plus, I get to educate people on what their information means and how to use it. It’s why I love the nonprofit accounting world.”
-- Ellie Hume


"For the first time I feel like I belong somewhere...."
“I’ve been out in the ‘real world’ for about 25 years. It was a refreshing change to come to Your Part-Time Controller. For the first time I feel like I belong somewhere. You’re part of a team here: I’d never felt that before.

“The first time I met Eric I immediately felt comfortable. It’s a relaxing environment. It’s nice that they realize that you have a life outside work. There’s so much support from Eric and Jen and all the other associates in the D.C. office. In other jobs if you need help you can ask and you might get a response, but at YPTC you send out an e-mail and you get a hundred answers. You’re really not alone.”

– Melissa McGuire


"I enjoy going to work every day...."
“After working for YPTC for almost five years I can say that I enjoy going to work every day. There are not a lot of people who can say that.

“I like working for nonprofits and helping them to achieve their mission. I like the diversity of the work: I don’t have to be at the same place every day.

“And I also like the professionalism of YPTC. These are great people to work with, they’re not boring, and everybody has an interesting background that they bring to the company. I like that everybody shares their knowledge. It’s a very cooperative working environment. Plus they really respect your personal life and they don’t expect you to be working 24/7. That’s important to me.”

– Stacy Yulsman


"I'm never taken for granted...."

“I feel like I’m treated like a part of my clients’ organizations and that they’re always happy to see me. They show a lot of gratitude when they see me helping them with their mission – and that gives me instant gratification.

“It’s not just my clients but also Eric and Jen who are appreciative of my talents. I’m never taken for granted. I’ve had nothing but support whenever I’ve had a personal or professional issue. There’s no pressure – they ask, ‘How can we help you?’”

– Teresa Salemi



"I have absolute faith in the leadership...."
“I love having a network of fellow professionals who I can turn to. I came to Your Part-Time Controller from an environment where I was the only accounting professional. It’s difficult being your own resource!

“I have a cozy family of clients who are always happy to see me. I never get bored: there are always new challenges.

“This is the only place I’ve ever worked where I have absolute faith in the leadership. They demonstrate utmost integrity. They put their trust in me and that makes me want to do a better job every day.”

– Jenn Hrebik


"They have your back...."

“I worked for quite a number of firms – mostly big companies and manufacturing companies. When I saw the opportunity to join a small company with more of a consulting-type role, it appealed to me. I didn’t want to have to go to the same place, doing the same job, every day for the next 20 years. I fell in love with YPTC’s whole presentation. Love it, love it, love it, love it!

“The support team is great. If you have a problem there are people you can talk to. Everyone on staff has a good background: most of them are CPAs or MBAs. Plus, they’re all familiar with my type of clients. And Jen and Eric are always there. If you have a problem they’re there to peel back the layers of the onion to get through it.

“I’ve been around a lot of people in business and Eric and Jen are top-notch. I like their philosophy: if something were to go wrong, they have your back. They believe in all of us, and it’s important to know that. It’s not like some companies where people point fingers instead of trying to fix the problem.

“Everyone on staff has their own reasons why they like to work here but we all know it’s a great company to work for.”

– Howard Kimball, MBA


"Part-time is important to the client and to me...."

“I spent the first part of my career working under fast-paced, very demanding conditions in public accounting and private industry. What brought me to YPTC was my grandson: I reassessed what I wanted to do in this phase of my life, and decided that I wanted to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives. My son and daughter-in-law both work and I wanted something where I could take care of my grandson several days a week.

“What impressed me about Your Part-Time Controller was the expertise of its employees. It’s a very talented workforce. To find a place that uses all of its staff’s talents and that still provides a work-life balance was very important to me.

“There’s a double meaning in the term ‘part-time’: the part-time work is important both to the client and to me. I serve on two nonprofit boards myself, and working part-time allows me to achieve a balance between my work and where my passion lies.”

– Nancy Hennefer


"It's a marriage of my technical skills and what I love to do...."
“I come from a for-profit background, but I have 20 years of service to the nonprofit community in my spare time. Working with the variety of different organizations and causes we have here is a real marriage of my technical skills and what I love to do as a volunteer. So this seems like a perfect career for me.

“One of the things I love about YPTC is the diversity. When I embarked on my accounting career, I would change jobs periodically looking for new challenges. I won’t have to do that anymore because every day is challenging due to having different clients.

“Our clients really love us. I’m just doing what comes naturally to me, but my clients think it’s amazing! I go into a lot of meetings where they come out beaming and looking forward to what comes next.

“I was really impressed with the extensive interview process. It’s unbelievable the positive impact this place can have on every aspect of your life. Plus it’s a fun place to work.

“This is by far the only company I’ve worked for in 20-plus years where the leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. I’ve never seen people at the top laugh and smile so much or be so supportive.

“This place really stands up to the hype of what they tell you when you get hired. There’s no wizard behind the curtain: it’s WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. It’s exceeded my expectations.”

-- Ken Modica


"I'm doing what I love...."

“After many years of working in auditing for large corporations, I came to Your Part-Time Controller basically because I enjoy working with nonprofits. I wanted to become a controller so I could use my internal and external auditing skills. YPTC had everything I wanted: the ability to see different clients, the opportunity to be always learning something new, and the chance to see every day as a new experience. The work is enjoyable.

“I feel good about my work even if it’s just number-crunching. We’re helping nonprofits to do good work. This is very different from a large corporation. Most of my clients are small and struggling and we’re trying to help them work through their challenges and guide them through issues they’re not familiar with.

“As a manager, I get to both see clients and work with the associates. I get to work with a lot of different people and I’m doing what I love.”

-- Angela Coaxum

YPTC-Jill Emerson.jpg

"When you're happy, your clients appreciate you even more...."
“This has been a wonderful year for me. I like the fact that Eric and Jen take the time to recognize that their employees may be interested in becoming involved in other parts of the organization. So in addition to being an associate, I’m now also director of Bookkeeper Technician University®, which lets me use some of my other skills. It’s very rewarding to be a part of this program and to offer this training to our nonprofit clients.

“One thing that has enhanced my work ethic is the 35-hour week. As long as I communicate openly with my clients and make sure the work gets done, my schedule can be very flexible, which makes it easier for me to juggle different aspects of my life. This is rare to find in the accounting industry: it’s been essential to me. It reduces my work-life stress and lets me be more effective – and happier – at work. And when you’re happy, your clients see it and they appreciate you even more. When all aspects of your life are getting focus, it makes you a better accountant.”
-- Jill Emerson


"It's opened a whole new world to me...."

“I had had no work background in nonprofits. All my experience had been in the private market. I’ve found this work a little bit challenging in trying to manage my schedules for several clients. But it’s opened a whole new world to me. I’ve been involved with nonprofits in my private life through hockey clubs, but seeing what my clients do for people who are disabled, or hungry, or displaced – and the sub-par wages they work for – is amazing.

“These are trying times. Funders are looking more closely at how they spend their money, and my clients are trying to stretch their dollars as best as they can. We’re trying to help them stay in existence. I’m really proud to be able to provide services to nonprofits and help them help the people they’re serving.

“It’s been a real eye-opener for me. YPTC is a family environment. Everyone is willing to help out everyone else. Eric and Jen are very considerate of your work-life balance. They’ve got a great deal of concern for the employees. I started out with three weeks’ vacation and about two-and-a-half-weeks of paid holidays, sick and personal time: no one else does that! They took a chance on me, and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to learn another type of accounting.”

-- Gary Williams

YPTC-ElizabethWilliams.jpg"We celebrate what we're doing right...."
“I originally studied actuarial science at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, but it wasn’t for me – it seemed like I was de-humanizing people into just statistics.  I switched to accounting and was much happier.  I went to work for an auditing firm and obtained my CPA license, but after going through a corporate merger I was looking to find some place with more of a family atmosphere and where I wouldn’t have to work so many crazy, taxing hours.
“I knew Anthony Flacco who had come to YPTC and he started telling me about it. I applied and was lucky enough to be hired in June, 2010. I love the flexibility and the ability to make my own schedule with my three clients.
“I had become interested in nonprofits when I was auditing them and now that I’m on the other side I just love it. I used to have clients tell me they were going to have a party after the auditors left; now I have clients tell me that having me there helping them prepare for the audit is like Christmas to them. It’s a little bit different now!
“I remember going to my first YPTC staff meeting and I couldn’t believe how much everyone laughed and shared their ideas. It was 100% different from what I had been used to. There’s a very strong team feeling here. Everyone is quick to respond to your personal and professional issues. They care more about me than being just another employee. Everyone helps each other out and wishes you good luck. We celebrate what we’re doing right!”
-- Elizabeth Williams


"I felt like I had come home...."

“Prior to my knowing that YPTC even existed, I had made my own career choice to use my accounting skills and business management experience to help nonprofits succeed at fulfilling their missions. I had seen firsthand that many nonprofit managers do their organizations a disservice in not understanding the value of sound financial management and analysis in doing what they set out to do. YPTC provides that value. I work with an entire staff of people now who all do what I have loved doing for years.

“When I walked into my first YPTC staff meeting I felt like I had come home professionally. I met a room full of people who want to use their skills to further the missions of their nonprofit clients. Many of us are also active in nonprofits in our spare time, more than a few of us as treasurers.

“I also admire the mission and work ethic of the YPTC leadership. Their thinking matches very closely my own philosophy about making money ethically while treating employees like partners in the success of the organization.”

-- Harriet S. (Hatsy) Cutshall, Manager


"Constant attention to supporting the staff.... "

“When I originally explored the option of working with YPTC it was with the notion that, in some way, I would like to do something with my career that had an element of ‘giving back’ to it.  This was after a long series of corporate and start-up ventures that were interesting, challenging and professionally rewarding, but had little if any social value.  Several years later, I can now say that I have the very best of both worlds.  I still have interesting, challenging and professionally rewarding work, but now I am doing it with organizations that do wonderful things and that truly need the help that we provide.  I may not actually be feeding hungry people, providing a rich cultural experience or helping victims of abuse, but it is as close as you can get being an accountant!
“But wait, there’s more.  Almost all companies will say that their employees are their most valuable assets.  Only some of them back that up with the way that they actually operate day in and day out.  YPTC is one that does.  From the interviewing process to initial and on-going training to the way we are assigned to clients and the way we execute our work there is a constant orientation and attention to supporting the staff. 
“So not only do I have the best of both worlds, but I have it in a supportive environment filled with dedicated professionals who happily and consistently go the extra mile for their clients.”

-- Jim Garrison


"We can set our own schedules...."

“I joined Your Part-Time Controller in July, 2010, after having been a controller in the private sector with publicly-traded high-tech/software firms. It’s refreshing for me to see my clients doing good work and not just interested in maximizing profits.

“I like the fact that we associates can set our own schedules based on our clients’ needs. Working with three clients over a five-day week, I can round-robin them with flexibility and adjust my schedule if one of them has an audit or a board meeting needing extra attention.

“I also like being able to go to more than one client. My three clients are about as diversified as they can get, so I get a taste of many different cultures and missions. It’s always fresh and it never gets old. I love the constant busy pace: it’s always fun and never gets boring.

“I like the way we’re all on one team. At any time, if I have a question come up that I can’t answer, I can send out an e-mail to the other associates and in 10 minutes I’ll get an answer. When my clients hire me, they hire all of us. Eric and Jen have set up an environment of people and technology that’s very supportive to us, both professionally and emotionally, and I really appreciate that.”

– George H. Stout, Jr.



"Great opportunities for professional development...."

“I didn’t have the nonprofit sector in my background, and it’s a refreshing change to work with organizations that are interested in improving the community instead of maximizing profits. I get to work with community and political leaders in the area. I really enjoy what I’m doing now.

“I also appreciate the opportunity to create my own schedule. I have two kids, and I’m coaching them, so I really like YPTC’s philosophy of a good work-life balance. They offer a lot of good training, but every day is new training – every new client has new systems and processes, which offer great opportunities for professional development.”

– Corey Blum

"My clients treat me like I'm part of their team...."

“I LOVE working for YPTC because there is always something new and challenging on my ‘to-do’ list. In the past I have found that I get bored with the monotony of my ‘accountant’ role. Having more than one client keeps things interesting – and boredom is never an issue.

“Though I work for YPTC, each of my clients treats me like I am part of their team. It's the best of all worlds – while I am made to feel as though I am a part of the staff, I am left out of the office politics and gossip because I’m only there long enough to get my job done.

“Eric and Jen truly care for us as staff and are committed to providing work that we enjoy while also providing a high level of service to our clients. Our benefits have improved each year and I have been given opportunities to grow professionally, while still having the time and flexibility to be a parent and play an active role in my life, my family’s lives, and our extra-curricular activities.

“Best of all, I have the opportunity to work with several different organizations at once who are doing really important things for our communities. It’s exciting to get to play a role in these projects – and to feel like I am contributing to their missions.”

– Heidi Pelczar

YPTC-HelenFox.jpg"People who come to their jobs because they want to give something back...."
“I enjoy working with my clients and admire their compassion and commitment to their organization’s mission.  The commitment extends to the board members who give their time and support. As accountants, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the audit and the tax issues, but it’s a very good feeling to work with people who come to their jobs because they want to give something back, and they make you feel like you’re one of their group. The nonprofit world goes the extra mile – it draws in a good group of people. It’s a very rewarding feeling.”

– Helen Fox   


"Excellent training...."

“I was initially attracted to YPTC many years ago because of the ability to work a flexible schedule that would also allow me to be involved with my children’s school and extracurricular activities (whether they liked it or not).

“Since then, I have been fortunate to be able to provide financial services for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, each with unique and worthwhile missions. Being able to help these organizations with the many challenges they have faced over the years has been very rewarding.

“Working together with their vibrant leaders, combined with the excellent training provided by YPTC, has resulted in emotional rewards and a higher degree of professional growth that I had not experienced in organizations prior to my time with YPTC.”

– Bruce Levin

YPTC-JudyPeakes.jpg"People who believe in what they're doing...."
“At my age it’s great to keep learning new things and the training opportunities are great. Some training is mandatory, and some is just there if I want it. I like learning new things and that’s one of the factors that makes me want to keep on working full time.

“As one of the older members of the staff, I appreciate the fact that I’ve got flexibility. If I were to decide to slow down to part-time, knowing that I could do it is a great thing and that will probably keep me working longer than I might otherwise.

“I like the fact that we all work pretty independently. YPTC has a great support system for all of us. I have people I can go to when I have a technical problem or difficulty dealing with a client.

“One of the things I like about the job is the variety. It’s never dull: I usually go to
a different client every day. Each organization has different needs, different software to learn, and different challenges. I’ve been privileged over the years to serve many different types of clients, from small arts organizations to the nationally renowned Pew Research Center, and have had the opportunity of traveling to many different neighborhoods and even commuting to Washington, DC.

“I really like being in the nonprofit world. I like being with people who believe in what they’re doing.”

-- Judy Peakes


"I have never been bored...."

“I’ve worked for YPTC for 10 years, and I can't imagine working anywhere else. I can honestly say that I have never been bored! I don't have the experience of doing the same tasks month after month. I face new challenges all the time and get the coaching and mentoring needed from Eric and Jen.

“When I left on maternity leave, I was given flexibility with my return to work. I have since returned to full time but have enough vacation time that I get to spend quality time with my son. YPTC offers a great work-life balance ethic and they truly support such a work environment.

“I love working at YPTC because we truly care about helping nonprofits succeed in their missions. This, to me, is both personally and professionally satisfying.”

– Suzanne D'Angelo


"My clients enjoy seeing me...."

“I came to YPTC in 2009 after 12 years in public accounting, and found this work to be a lot less stressful. One of the major benefits over public accounting and auditing is that in my previous career my clients dreaded seeing me, but at YPTC they enjoy seeing me. On my birthday recently, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me – that was a treat!

“I enjoy the hands-on nature of the work, and I love the variety: I’m exposed to a lot of different types of nonprofit organizations. The YPTC staff has been friendly, receptive and welcoming to me, and there’s a great mentoring program.”

– Anthony Flacco



"Impressed with YPTC's responsiveness...."

“When I was working for a Philadelphia CPA firm, I audited a YPTC client, a nonprofit arts center for which YPTC performs the accounting functions. On my first day of the audit a YPTC staff member handed me an "audit binder" containing the financial statements, supporting schedules and all the documentation that I needed for the audit.

“I was so impressed with YPTC's work and responsiveness during the audit that when I decided to leave public accounting I sent my resume to YPTC. I now feel that I have finally landed with an organization that is a good fit for me.”

– Barbara J. Smith


YPTC-Tesa Piccioni.jpg

"The best of both worlds...."

“Working for Your Part-Time Controller offers the best of both worlds. I can serve the nonprofit sector while receiving the benefits of a for-profit organization. We grow very close to the boards and management of our clients working hand-in-hand with them. For me, I like being able to serve in the nonprofit community, while having the resources that Your Part-Time Controller provides, such as training and support from a team of accounting professionals.”

– Tesa Piccioni


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