“They take ownership of the financial issues…”

Zack Stalberg
Zack Stalberg
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Founded by the titans of Philadelphia industry in 1904, the Committee of Seventy has been working for over a century to fight corruption in city government. Today, Seventy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focusing on ways to make Philadelphia’s government more lean, efficient and cost-effective as well as keeping elected officials more ethical and honest. Seventy pursues a citizens’ agenda of cleaner and fairer elections and encourages positive change in local elections. “Does a $4 billion organization like Philadelphia’s government deserve a watchdog?” asks President and CEO Zack Stalberg. “I think so. People have a tendency to do bad things when nobody is watching.”

Your Part-Time Controller began to assist the Committee of Seventy several years ago when an existing accounting model was no longer adequate. An independent bookkeeper had been coming in once a week, but there were limits on the amount of responsibility she was allowed to take on and she didn’t take ownership of financial issues, explains Stalberg. YPTC’s associates subsequently assumed that responsibility, and Stalberg says he couldn’t be happier.

“YPTC’s associates have been very good and extremely responsible, and they do take ownership of the financial issues. That’s great for me, because I’m not a finance person. The less time I have to spend on finances, the more time I can spend doing something useful.”

Today, YPTC Associate Jerry Troy comes in one day a week. “I feel like Jerry is part of the staff because that’s the way he operates. He looks out for what is in our best interests the way a full-time employee might.”

Stalberg appreciates YPTC’s cost-consciousness. “They’ve made sure that our audits went smoothly and thus less costly. They seem to keep their own costs under control and I admire that. They work to make sure that YPTC is not a big cost to us.

“I find them a very responsible bunch,” says Stalberg. “Week in and week out, their performance is terrific.”


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