Members of YPTC’s team gathered to cele-
brate their raising over $3,500 in the 2010
National MS Society’s City to Shore Ride.
Team YPTC hopes to do even better in
the Bike MS 2011 event in the fight
against multiple sclerosis.

Staff members and friends of Your Part-Time Controller have been known to climb 50 flights of stairs, run marathons and spend hours working in radio telethons to support a good cause. But on September 24-25, 2011, members of the YPTC “family” will again find another way to get their hearts and minds racing for charity. Outfitted in stunning new bicycle jerseys in team colors, they will roll along for 75 grueling miles in hopes of beating their 2010 record of raising over $3,500 for the National MS Society in the annual Bike MS: City to Shore Ride.

In 2011, the 31st anniversary of this charity event, over 7,000 pedaling participants are expected. President and Founder Eric Fraint and other staff members, friends and family will mount their trusty (and hopefully not rusty) bicycles at the Woodcrest PATCO station in Cherry Hill, NJ. Some six-and-a-half hours later, they expect to roll across the finish line at the Ocean City, NJ Civic Center.


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Eric Fraint and his daughter,
Ellen, model the team jerseys
that will highlight YPTC’s
participation in the 2011 race.

The National MS Society uses donations raised through Bike MS to fund medical research and provide services such as home and vehicle modifications, medical supplies, home care, support groups, and specialized MS clinics. More than 13,000 residents in the Philadelphia area are living with MS.

The 2010 race raised nearly $5 million to fight MS: over its history, the races have raised nearly $50 million for the National MS Society against this terrible disease.

“We have been extremely impressed with how well organized these annual events have been,” said Fraint. “There are volunteers at every turn along the route, and bike mechanics ready to assist. They maintain rest stops every 15-20 miles with fresh fruits, snacks and refreshing beverages. Several YPTC staff members know people who suffer from MS, and Your Part-Time Controller is pleased to be able to enjoy what we hope will be a beautiful day of gorgeous weather while we get a lot of healthy exercise and -- most importantly --  raise much-needed funds for a very worthy cause.”