“Efficiency and confidence....”

Jennifer Hoffman
Jennifer Iverson
Executive Director

Since 1990, Prince George’s Child Resource Center has touched the lives of half a million children and their families in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Today, this vibrant organization has a complex financial system with 40 separate funding streams from county and state grants, foundations, donations, and fees for service. The income supports training for child care providers, parenting and health education, ESL classes, early childhood behavioral interventions and mental health services, counseling for parents seeking childcare, advocacy, and the Healthy Families program of home visits to enhance school readiness and prevent poor childhood outcomes including abuse and neglect.

When the Center’s founder, Marti Worshtil, retired in 2016 after 25 years at the helm, Deputy Director Jennifer Iverson was named the new Executive Director. Hoffman had been with the organization since 2001 and was there on the first day that Your Part-Time Controller came in to revamp the Center’s fiscal systems.

“I’m very passionate about having great infrastructure in our finances because I absolutely believe it makes a difference with our direct services delivery,” she says. “We have dozens of separate funding streams and how we track and allocate them becomes quite complicated. It would all fall apart at the direct service level if we couldn’t stay on top of keeping all of them straight. There are always a lot of balls in the air.

“The YPTC model is brilliant,” she exclaims. While YPTC’s services might seem expensive, she notes that the increased efficiency that results more than makes up for it. The Center’s annual costs actually decreased significantly once YPTC Associate Martha Ferrara trained their bookkeeper to be able to take on more responsibilities.

“The model works for YPTC and it works for us,” Hoffman says. “It makes things affordable because we don’t have to pay for something we don’t need.”

In addition to the efficiency, Hoffman is impressed with the higher level of confidence that YPTC offers. “Having an outside person see all of our finances gives our auditors more confidence. There’s an added layer of internal control because Martha has no reason to make something look better than it is. Our auditors really like that. In our funding proposals we highlight this excellent oversight in our fiscal systems and this gives our funders additional confidence.”

She likes the additional stability and resources that the YPTC model offers. “We love that we’ve had Martha for so long. If she ever were to leave we would miss her, but we know that the way YPTC’s system works there would be someone else to step in and the transition wouldn’t be traumatic. If we had to go out and find a new person and train her it would be terrible.”

Hoffman recommends YPTC to other groups. “I tell other nonprofits that if Your Part-Time Controller comes into your organization, it will create efficiency and confidence, you’ll have better systems, and you’ll interface with great people. Working with YPTC is a fabulous experience all around!”


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