“Getting this kind of information is critical…”

Michael Fischette, Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1989, Concord Engineering is a mechanical, electrical and energy consulting firm specializing in energy infrastructure. CEO Michael Fischette’s staff of over 100 engineers and designers consult on such projects as large power plant and facility design, on-site construction, energy master planning, and energy efficiency studies. Concord’s clients are local, regional, national, and the firm is expanding into international markets as well. A subsidiary firm, Concord Atlantic Engineers, is based in Atlantic City and focuses on building and energy engineering for the hospitality and gaming industries.

“It’s a lot for a small firm,” says Fischette. “We’re a rapidly growing company, and we found that the need for a CFO is there but the ability to pay for one is not. I spend most of my time marketing, selling and dealing with production issues. I don’t have the time to create the financial reporting tools needed to make informed decisions. So having a part-time CFO to function as a partner has really made a difference.”

Fischette sees YPTC Associate De Benyo as a partner in his operations. She comes in to the Voorhees, N.J. office one day a week, but often works remotely at other times. Fischette appreciates the flexibility that the outsourced arrangement allows, especially when there is a short-term need for additional work but it’s not enough to justify having a full-time CFO on board.

“Your Part-Time Controller just seems to be flexible. When my needs rise and fall they’re very adaptable,” he says. “Sometimes we’ll have one-time special projects, and De is immensely helpful.”

Benyo’s work includes helping Concord’s engineers, designers and managers to assess and report on their progress. Engineers, by and large, tend to focus on the details of their projects and on doing their jobs well, but haven’t necessarily been trained to understand how they are getting paid for it, Fischette says. “You don’t know how much to charge for a project if you don’t know the pricing structure, your manpower needs, or how much it’s going to cost. Getting this kind of information is critical in my business. De shows them how to compute what their work costs, and they become smarter as a result. De has a great ability to get these data and to produce accurate reports in a timely manner. She brings it to light in monthly reports and she makes sure that our managers understand what this information all means.”

Fischette first became aware of Your Part-Time Controller through his neighbor, YPTC Partner Jennifer Alleva. “The best thing Jen did for me was to determine what our culture is and then identify the person who would best fit in with us. Finding an accountant who understands both our business and our needs wasn’t easy, but Jen is a real ‘people person.’”


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